Dalbury Lees Parish Council

Serving the people of Dalbury Lees

Clerk RFO: Margaret Fox
7 Bonsall Drive, Mickleover
Derby DE3 9HQ

Tel: 07771 902856

Public Meetings

Members of the public have the opportunity to attend meetings of the Council. Please see our meetings calendar for further details. At our full Council meetings there is an opportunity for public to speak.

Every year, usually in May, the Annual Parish Meeting is convened by the Parish Council. It is a public meeting and is an opportunity for all the local organisations to report on activities in their area of interest. Typical attenders in Dalbury Lees might include the Parish Council, Millennium Hall Trust, Police, South Derbyshire District Councillors, County Councillors, German Pole Trust together with members of the public.

On matters of interest to a significant subset of the Parish the Parish Council may convene a special public meeting to discuss the topic.