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Website Accessibility Statement

Dalbury Lees Parish Council acknowledges the requirement to comply with The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018.

An investigation has been carried out and at the most recent Parish Council meeting on 21 September 2020 a strategy was agreed to revise historic content as necessary and ensure future content changes are compliant. It should be pointed out that the Dalbury Lees Parish Council website came into being in November 2017 and since then there has been no substantial changes made to the code, creation of new features or a domain created with its own distinct codebase.

The particular actions agreed are

  1. To replace documents on the website with ones of a compliant file format (this requirement is for documents filed since 23 September 2018)
  2. For new documents ensure they comply as required; structurally and file format
  3. Webpage content is to reviewed for compliance; in particular the wording associated with links
  4. The images on the home page are to be refiled in the advised format

Your attention Is drawn to the accessibility statement produced by the web author, 2_Commune. This statement can be referenced via the link at the bottom of each webpage. This Parish Council statement supplements that.

If anyone has any accessibility problems with the website please contact Dalbury Lees Parish Council.

Posted: Thu, 22 Oct 2020 15:05 by Phil Coultas

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