Dalbury Lees Parish Council

Serving the people of Dalbury Lees

Clerk RFO: Margaret Fox
7 Bonsall Drive, Mickleover
Derby DE3 9HQ

Tel: 07771 902856

Footpaths (Rights of Way)

Derbyshire County Council is the responsible authority for the Rights of Way network.

Dalbury Lees Parish Council works to protect public rights of way within Dalbury Lees. We will work with Derbyshire County Council to ensure all public rights of way within Dalbury Lees are recorded on the Definitive Map.

The Ramblers association provides useful guidance on this:

The definitive map is the official record of the public's rights of way in an area. Just like the deeds to a house prove who the owner is, the definitive map proves that the public has a right to use the paths which are shown on it.

By claiming a right of way we mean getting it recorded on the definitive map. Once a right of way is on the definitive map it's easier to protect it and ensure it can be enjoyed by walkers.

- See more at: www.ramblers.org.uk

Rights of Way Minor Maintenance

Dalbury Lees Parish Council has the ability to carry out minor works to improve access to Rights of Way in the Parish. This work would typically involve clearing undergrowth, strimming and removing rubbish around the entrance to such Rights of Way. The financing of such work is by means of a grant from Derbyshire County Council which the Parish Council needs to apply for.