Dalbury Lees Parish Council

Serving the people of Dalbury Lees

Clerk RFO: Margaret Fox
7 Bonsall Drive, Mickleover
Derby DE3 9HQ

Tel: 07771 902856


There are two active charities operating in Dalbury Lees.

Dalbury Lees Village Hall is managed by the Management Committee of the Dalbury Lees Millennium Hall Trust - please see the hall noticeboard for further details.

More information about the German Pole Trust is currently being drafted - what follows is a summary.

The Parish Council is the government body which nominates the two local Trustees who, together with the vicar associated with Dalbury Church, manage the operation of the Trust locally. This group operates under the umbrella of the Estate Trustees of the Trust who manage Trust investments and distribution of monies to the local Trustees for them to decide on local individual distributions.

Please check the Charity Commission website for more details.